Electron for cross platform applications

Operating systems differ. Especially when it comes to writing graphical user interfaces. That is the reason why “cross platform frameworks” exist. They try to provide general functions that work on every major operating system.

If you want to build a desktop application you first have to decide whether you want to use a “cross platform framework” and if so, which one?

Overview of cross platform frameworks

Qt and wx have been the best known frameworks. But since the beginning of the 10s the electron framework is there. Developed by the company behind Github and driven by their own need as they were writing the code editor Atom.

The basics of their new framework are not new. They package a light-weight browser (in particular a version of Google Chrome) with the runtime environment for Node.JS execution.

As a consequence you can write a web application and ship it as a desktop application. This procedure has the advantages of the web applications and and also that it could easily be provided as one in the future.